Google Adwords Campaign Management

We’ll setup and manage a Google Adwords campaign that will result in your site being found by new customers.

  • PPC Research


    Keyword research. Knowing when customers are searching and market trends is what we do well.

  • PPC Create


    We’ll create eye catching Adword ads that get clicked and deliver a healthy ‘Cost Per Click’ ROI.

  • PPC Progress and Tweaking


    As your Adwords Management team, we’ll constantly measure your GAW account and keep updated.

  • "Pirl developed and implemented a PPC strategy that results in my website being found at the top for all my keywords. Very simple, very effective and easy for me to manage if I choose to."

PPC Campaigns


Anyone can setup and manage a Google Adwords campaign, but, and with like anything the devil really is in the detail. During the research phase we’ll look at the best performing keywords to target, what days and times potential customers are searching, and what, if anything is happening in your industry and location. We’ll also extensively research your competitors and get an understanding of when they advertise and a rough idea of their spend.

While we aim to get top spot for each keyword we target, there are always competitors and that the overall Cost Per Click will increase based on their bidding settings and of course during peak times when customers are searching. In order to give you the best possible ROI we’ll target the main-stream keywords, but also look at the specific ones in order to send more visitors to your website.

All in all, our job is to send customers to your website for the least amount of money using Google Adwords.

PPC Campaigns

Create something that works

With the research out of the way we’ll get to work and create your campaign. Likely we’ll create multiple campaigns, each with different landing pages and different text adverts. Typically a campaign takes around 2 days to create and before it goes live we’ll run through everything with you, just to make sure you understand and are comfortable with everything. Remember, you are in control.

Depending on your market and of course location the Cost Per Click could range from £0.05 to £50 but what you’ll find is that we’ll run your campaign as cost effectively as possible, meaning our work saves and makes you money.

PPC Campaigns

Progress and tweaking

During the entire campaign we’ll keep tweaking it to perfection. We’ve managed over 300 PPC campaigns and all bar none need constant updates such as new keywords added, removal of negative keywords, IP address blocks (competitors) and new text adverts. Rest assured that if we are running your Google Adwords campaign we’ll ensure everything is as it should be, leaving you to answer the phone to new customers who have found you.